About us

Our company has been working with the management of its highly experienced professionals since 1983 to supply its partners with different types of mobile, mountable, rollable and portable bleachers, foldable bleachers, fixed bleachers and mobile stages.
Our community is committed to quality organization and work, which is an important component of our daily work and we trust that you will also appreciate this as a result of our endeavour.
Our communication is diversified, everyone can find the most sympathetic, most useful form. Our responsible information service, whether it is verbal, written, a drawing or a visual design, is in every case designed to provide you with an aspect to select the best possible solution, with the help of our decades of professional experience.
You can count on our open-minded, helpful information support at every stages of your ideas and projects, and we will accompany you to the last stage of implementation if needed.

Our design guides, our guidances from practical values, our expertise in relevant European and Hungarian standards, our enormous range of references and our proposals offering multiple options are at your service and help you in the optimal decision-making.
Besides the manufacturing, construction and installation of bleachers, grandstands and stages, we also provide rental and lease services, our assets make it possible to accommodate several thousands of spectators simultaneously.
Leasing might be a useful solution for you, it can be used to save you a lot of investment costs when organizing occasional events. Our rental service is provided with full-range servicing, which includes all related activities from prior consultancy to delivery and on-site assembly, you only need to formulate your needs.
In addition to our basic products, we can also deliver many essential accessories of outdoor events and venues – including plastic chairs – which can be used in temporary or fixed-installation bleachers, sport halls, open-air stages, conference halls, swimming pools, lecture halls and conference centres.


Headquarters/Postal address:
H-1078 Budapest, István u. 22.
+36 1 322-5678
+36 1 352-1728