Mobile foldable bleacher

The TOP–STAND® foldable bleacher is suitable for events in closed spaces (sport halls, gyms, multifunctional halls, gymnasiums, community houses, cultural homes, lecture halls, auditoriums), and offers an intelligent solution for the operation of these. The structure – adjustable to the wall, constructible even between pillars, pillar lines and other segmented space elements – is winning the heart of our customers with its good space utilization, its completely unobstructed access in folded condition, and with its aesthetic appearance that is fitting well to the area concerned.

The TOP–STAND® foldable bleacher system is an easy-to-operate, manually movable system, the unfolding and folding functions are assisted by a maintenance-free, spring-assisted system, and the fixation is solved with a semi-automatic locking mechanism. The posterior installation of the bleacher can be solved easily, the installation depth can be adjusted to the demands.

The TOP-STAND® foldable bleacher is offered in the following collaboration forms:

  • counselling, making visualisations
  • adaptation to the site, which usually makes the transformation of the event venue unnecessary
  • sale, with which you can acquire practical assets with good space utilization
  • construction, installation – the work done by our experienced specialists will provide you or your users with quality facilities with security warranty and declaration

The TOP–STAND®  foldable bleacher can be manufactured with the following seatings:

  • laminated furniture panel
  • laminated furniture panel with seat cushion

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