Mobile mountable stage

The TOP–STAND® mountable mobile stage can be used both for outdoor or indoor events, it can be transported economically, assembled and disassembled quickly. Our temporarily or longer-term installed stages can satisfy your needs in sport facilities, open-air theatres, event halls, lecture halls, conference centres, in cultural events and many other venues.

The TOP–STAND® assemblable mobile stage is a structure dimensioned and qualified in accordance with the MSZ EN 13200:2013 localized European standard, meeting the tightened requirements for event organizing with both its statics and its applied security solutions.

The TOP–STAND® disassemblable stage’s features with many advantages include the fact that it can be removed from the area concerned, completely clearing the area to fulfil its alternative function, giving you the option of planning the optimal space utilization.   All of the structural elements can be disassembled into flat sections, they are stackable, so they can be transported and stored economically.

The TOP-STAND® portable mobile stage system is offered in the following collaboration forms:

  • counselling, making visualisations
  • adaptation to the site, which usually makes the transformation of the event venue unnecessary
  • sale, with which you can acquire assets that can be used in multiple venues in multiple variations
  • construction, installation – the work done by our experienced specialists will provide you or your users with quality facilities with security warranty and declaration

The TOP–STAND® disassemblable mobile stage can be manufactured with the following surfaces:

  • stage with 48 mm planed timbering
  • stage with 25 mm plywood surface
  • stage with timbering or plywood surface + prefabricated carpet cover

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