Telescopic grandstand

By utilising our retractable grandstands, multi-purpose, high-level room usage can be insured.

The telescopic grandstand can be moved:
  • manually pull-out grandstand (opening, closing and setting up the backs by hand)
  • semi-automatic pull-out grandstand (moving by electrical way, backs set up by hand)
  • automatic pull-out grandstand (fully electric moving)

We offer co-operation in the following forms:
  • consulting, preparing view plans
  • adapting to location
  • sales
  • construction, mounting

The pull-out grandstands are produced in the following comfort levels:
  • wood-bench design
  • plastic without back
  • plastic seat with back (optional with arm-rest)
  • textile-covered, padded seat (optional arm-rest, writing table)

If you want to see our full product scale, please, contact us for detailed product catalogue.

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